Professional Carpet Cleaner

Here at Carpet Genies, our fully trained staff use the very best of equipment to ensure that your carpets come up clean and stay clean for as long as is possible.

Our pet-friendly shampoo and sanitising agents work well with high pressure machines, bringing the very best results, every time.

We utilise a six-stage cleaning process which has been developed with experience over the years that is guaranteed to bring even the most soiled carpets back to life*. Our process not only ensures great results, but a lasting cleaner appearance.

Our Six Stage Cleaning Process

  • Hoover
    First we get the soiling out of the carpet. It's much easier to lift whilst it is still dry as wetting it at this stage can cause the dirt to stick to the carpet's fibres.
  • Pre-Spot
    This is where we target any areas which we feel may be stubborn to remove. Our keen-eyed genies get up close and personal to break down the these stains before the cleanse begins.
  • Pre-Spray
    The pre-spray stage has some distinct advantages over the traditional 'shampoo as you rinse' method, which is adopted my many Carpet Cleaner companies. Not only does it give the detergent time to break down the dirt, it reduces the amount of shampoo needed in later stages which means less rinsing and a shorter drying time
  • Agitation
    This stage involves using a special brush to force the shampoo into the carpet fibres to get a deep-clean. There is a little waiting time after this stage and it is not uncommon to hear a kettle
  • Extraction
    Once the previous stages are complete and the coffee is diminished, we move onto extracting the dirt and detergent from the carpet. As we move closer to the finished article, you will see the improvements taking shape.
  • Final Groom
    The carpet is now clean and sanitised. Your genies will brush the carpet, erecting the fibres to provide the best airflow and shortest drying time. You will be advised on how to treat your carpet in the short- term after the treatment.

We can take things further...


Some customers, particularly those with pets or small children opt for a spritz of deodorant after the carpet cleanse. A fresh smelling carpet is a fresh smelling room.

Stain Protection

This is a preventative measure and safeguards your carpet against future incidents by preventing the typical offenders such as oil, coffee and wine from binding to the fibres of your carpet making it possible to remove.

Please enquire when you contact us about the additional services we offer.

Carpet cleaning before...

... and after

* Results vary. Shampoo will not recover badly stained/damaged carpets

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