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07 Jun 2021

Carpet Cleaning Hull at its finest

Carpet Cleaning Hull at its finest

Carpet Cleaning

We love our job, especially when the results make a carpet look as good as new again. Another company had undertaken this job, but the customer felt that it could have been rinsed more thoroughly. We agreed to have a look and felt the same way. Something to consider when using detergent is that it has one job, which is simply to attract dirt. If any residual detergent is left in the carpet fibres simply attracts dirt. So when the carpet cleaner Hull has finished, it will look relatively cleaner, until a few weeks pass and the detergent has had time to collect all of the dirt it can and revert your beautifully clean floor to how it was, previously!

Detergent can be applied very easily. You don't need any fancy machinery, just a simple spray bottle will suffice. Bringing it out again, with the dirt is, however, something that you do need decent equipment for. We have very high standards when it comes to the equipment that we use and the levels of training that our staff have to undertake. The better the equipment, the more residual moisture we can lift which also reduces the drying time.

We believe that if you are going to do a job, it needs to be done properly and let's face it, how often would you like to have your furniture uprooted while a team use industrial equipment in your family home? Our guess is the answer to that question is as little as possible!

Don't delay, call Carpet Genies, today and let us take care of all of your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs.


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The Carpet Genies are a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company based in Hull, East Yorkshire, providing a quality service to East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.